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When it is time for a gift for someone, nothing makes a person's eyes sparkle more than receiving jewelry. It's a great gift for young and old, women and men, boys and girls.

These days almost everyone wears some form of jewelry from the conservative alma mater rings to the ring with all those lavish diamonds. Jewelry can remind us of those events in our life that are important to us. We often smile as we remember happy past events like the ring with all the birthstones of your children or grandchildren, the anniversary ring that he gave you at a quiet, candlelit dinner, and the charm a friend gave you so you'd always remembering the summer you went off to camp together.

Look through our list for ideas that might just fit your gift giving needs.

  • Your daughter's first Prom is just around the corner. Find a simple pendant that matches the color of her dress or a small diamond to hand from a small link necklace. It's very feminine and will be treasured for years.
  • You have a friend who loves dogs or a particular breed of dog? Maybe she loves cats, horses, birds, or fish. You can find ceramic pins that have been molded and painted to look just like the real thing. Look for gold pendants that reflect the animal to which she's emotionally attached.
  • Men still love those gold necklaces. They add a bit of sparkle but are still quite manly. Choose the chain pattern to suit the man; a twisted, diamond cut rope, a shimmering herringbone, a pave curb, or a mariner style.
  • For a special friend, find a bracelet of pearls or one that from silver chains. Add a small oval disk that has your initials on one side and hers or his initials on the other.
  • With summer sandals, ladies toe rings are back in style. Find a silver or gold one and have her initials engraved. Some of them have detailed engraving, or have imitation or real stones mounted on them. One of the easiest toe rings to wear is made from stretchy thread with little stones strung on them.
  • Ladies love earrings and a new one has just arrived: chandelier earrings. They hang from 1 inches to 3-4 inches in length. Many are handcrafted twists and turns of metal with beads and stones in the design. Some are just straight drops of wire or metal with one precious gem on the end.
  • Young men have chosen a masculine style using leather as chokers with small beads or puka beads. Others are more elaborate with turquoise, onyx, or jasper disks.

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